Anjali Piette

I'm a final-year PhD student at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, working with Dr Nikku Madhusudhan on exoplanet atmospheres.

Research Interests

I study the atmospheres of a wide range of exoplanets, from temperate low-mass planets to highly-irradiated gas giants and isolated brown dwarfs. I'm especially interested in what the emission spectra of these atmospheres can tell us about their temperature profiles, energy transport, potential surface/interior properties and atmospheric chemistry/clouds. In my work, I use self-consistent atmospheric models to understand how various physical processes affect the temperature profile and emission spectrum of the atmosphere. I also use atmospheric retrievals to understand what we can learn about these planets with observations from facilities such as the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope.

Recent Results



Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge, Madingley Road, Cambridge, CB3 0HA